NRA 📢 Confronting attacks on the NRA and the freedoms for which it stands.


NRA 📢 Confronting attacks on the NRA and the freedoms for which it stands.

Dear NRA Members,

As I visit with NRA members across the country, they often ask about our efforts to confront attacks on the NRA and the freedoms for which it stands.

Politically motivated government officials and the regulators they appoint in places like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and the State of New York continue to attempt to weaponize their powers to try to silence the NRA. We are determined to confront this behavior directly to safeguard the NRA’s right to free speech and to protect you – our members.

You should know that constitutional scholars, opinion leaders, and members of the national media are taking notice. The NRA is fighting back and winning in the courtroom – and in the court of public opinion.

Please see the following National Review editorial by legal writer Walter Olson, “Progressive Governments’ Economic War on the NRA Fails in Court.”

In the editorial, Olson addresses efforts by government officials in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York to “take down the hated National Rifle Association by targeting its pocketbook.”

Olson writes in support of the NRA’s legal advocacy and observes that San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York are “facing a legal reckoning in court, based not on the Second Amendment but on the First. Without needing to even consider the issue of gun rights, federal courts are recognizing that boycotts enforced by government power can menace free speech and free association.”

Olson places particular emphasis on the NRA’s advocacy against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York state regulators. We are fighting back against a premeditated attempt to coerce banks and insurance companies to refrain from doing business with the NRA and groups like it lest they suffer the wrath of New York state regulators.

Olson observes, “While Cuomo was of course free to express his own views, the Constitution would have something to say about it if he or his appointees had made veiled threats against banks and insurers to encourage them to disassociate from the NRA.”

I know that the NRA would not be winning without your tireless support and financial commitment. Thanks for standing with us and being our partner in this hard fight for freedom at this crucial time in our country.

Now, let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work. You and I have a country to save this November.

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Wayne LaPierre

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