Oliver Darcy assimilated into CNN hive mind, embarrassed to have worked for The Blaze after seeing Manu Raju tweet

We’re old enough to have followed Oliver Darcy on Twitter when he worked for Glenn Beck’s The Blaze. Now he works for CNN and has us blocked.

Obviously, a lot of journalists have circled the wagons over Sen. Martha McSally calling CNN’s Manu Raju a “liberal hack.” We honestly had no idea her vile and “chilling” insult would earn days’ of media coverage — we’re tired of writing about it — and condemnation from groups like the National Press Club. Journalists — especially CNN journalists —are particularly thin-skinned in this time when it’s “dangerous” to tell the truth in America.

The Blaze tweeted about the McSally “scandal,” and made Darcy embarrassed he’d ever worked there.