WHOA: Even Never Trumper Tom Nichols is sick and tired of the ‘Trump caused Iranians to shoot the plane down’ narrative (thread)

You know when even famed Never Trumper and ‘the smartest guy in the room’ Tom Nichols writes a thread about how stupid it is for the Left and the media to blame Trump for Iranians shooting the plane down that it’s a really stupid narrative.

No way he would ‘defend’ Trump unless what he is seeing from his fellow anti-Trumpers is just that bad.

And considering the idea that Trump somehow forced Iranians to shoot down a plane is one of the dumbest things we’ve see on Twitter, we actually agree with Tom.

A little.

Talk like grownups.

Have fun with that, guys.

Is he defending Trump?


He’ll say he is not but … whoa.

Ok, this about Gotti was pretty damn funny.

Aforementioned terrorist scumbag.

So much this.

How is Tom the only one in the anti-Trump movement to ‘get’ this?

Awww, there’s the Tom we know.


The ‘expert’ has spoken.



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