Majority of Americans Give Trump Credit for Booming Economy, Say They are Better Off

Despite Democrats’ desperate attempts to credit President Obama for the booming economy, a new poll shows many Americans know that the economic successes we are seeing today are a direct result of President Trump’s pro-growth policies. They also say they are better off under the Trump presidency.
A Gallup poll conducted between Jan. 16-29 found that 61 percent of Americans say they are better off than they were three years ago–“a higher percentage than in prior election years when an incumbent president was running.” In three separate polls during the 2012 election cycle, that number averaged just 45 percent.

President Trump is also given credit for the successful economy, with 62 percent saying he deserves a “great deal” or “fair amount” of credit. Only 51 percent give Obama the same credit.

Gallup writes,

If Trump asks Americans whether they are better off than before he came into office, most would say they are. Trump also gets more credit for recent economic improvements than Obama does, though majorities give both credit.

Trump was clear during his State of the Union that he plans to make the strength of the economy a major focus of his reelection campaign. Given Americans’ generally positive ratings of the economy — including a 63% job approval rating for Trump on the issue — it is a sensible strategy.

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