What does the Bernie Sanders win in New Hampshire mean? Not much!

What does the Bernie Sanders win in New Hampshire mean? Not much!

2020 New Hampshire Dem Primary

2020 New Hampshire Dem Primary

Bernie wins! Yeah but here is the rest of the story. Over 44% voted for the two, more conservative candidates.

Amy Klobuchar

Sure they all have their stupidness, each wants to do crazy stuff, like universal health care of some sort, increase taxes, but looking at the platforms of

Pete and his husband kissing passionately

Buttigieg and Klobuchar, they actually have, compared to Sanders, they have a fairly conservative stance. Klobuchar, for example, is not a 100% abortion supporter, and Klobuchar wants more funding for the wall. Buttigieg does not call for an end to the 2nd amendment and opposes Medicare for all. It is generally accepted that Klobuchar and Buttigieg are quite moderate compared to Socialist Sanders.

The one commonality amongst them all is they all hate Donald Trump, and that is the holy grail of their campaign.

What about Donald Trump? Well howdy doody, he received over twice the votes as did Barack Hussein Obama in 2012, and 35,000 more votes than Bernie Sanders in this primary. What about blue wave Democrats are hoping for? Yeah, well, it ain’t here yet.

And what about that lying, dog-faced pony soldier Joe Biden? He goes the way of Jeb Bush, yep, started out all hyped up, lots of cash, but nothing to show for it.

Bernie Sanders

9 25.7% 71,759

Pete Buttigieg

9 24.4% 68,141

Amy Klobuchar

6 19.8% 55,164

Elizabeth Warren

0 9.3% 25,899

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