‘Going all in for Biden?’ NYT publishes docs from 1980s indicating USSR used Bernie Sanders to ‘sway American public opinion about the Soviet Union’

In the last few days we’ve seen Bernie Sanders’ frontrunner status for the Democrat nomination evaporate, with Joe Biden now taking the lead. There are a number of factors at work, and one of those is the approach being taken by the media.

Thursday evening the New York Times published a story that the Biden campaign will certainly take no issue with. Here are the Times’ tweets about Bernie Sanders and the Soviet Union back in the 1980s:

“I’m Joe Biden, and I approve this message”:

Wow, information that’s been available for decades is suddenly getting new media interest. Who could have seen that coming?

Did a memo go out? Because it feels like a memo has gone out.

Right on cue!

The press must be in “emergency” mode.