Schumer’s Threats to Supreme Court Justices Over Abortion

Did senator Schumer threaten Supreme Court Justices last week? Read more to find out.

Senator Chuck Schumer’s comments outside the Supreme Court are nothing short of a “threat to Supreme Court justices,” according to Fitton. If you missed it, the senator from New York screamed the following outside a Court hearing on abortion last week:

“I wanna tell you Gorsuch, I wanna tell you Kavanaugh, you have released the whirl wind and will pay the price, you won’t know what hit you if you go forward with these awful decisions.”

The remarks were made by the senator before a crowd of leftist agitators decrying the Supreme Court’s argument on Louisiana’s “modest abortion laws… requiring doctors committing abortions to have admitting privileges to hospitals.” Embodying the left’s “crazed” stance on the issue of abortion, senator Schumer “threatened [the Justices] with violence,” a violation of criminal law which according to Fitton the senator is “not exempt from.. at least he ought not to be.” According to Landmark Legal Foundation, senator Schumer violated 18 US.C. Sections 875 c and 1503 for “communications containing a threat of injury” and “threats of force in an effort to intimidate an officer of the court,” respectively.

“If I were Gorsuch or Kavanaugh I’d file a criminal complaint at the FBI against Schumer,” Fitton continues. “Where’s the Justice Department?” he further demands. “I don’t know what the DOJ is doing, but they need to be investigating senator Schumer over this. And if I were the President, I would direct the DOJ to criminally investigate what Schumer said and come back to me, as President with recommendations as to whether he should be prosecuted or not.” To demand action on Schumer’s “intimidatory” remarks, make sure to call your senators at 202-225-3121 as well as the White House at 202-456-1414.  YOU can take action, because after all, the DOJ is “so far fallen, they can’t do the basics.” A criminal investigation of Schumer’s remarks should be intiated – “in the least,” according to Fitton.

While the media expects Americans to “move on,” we won’t. The coup is ongoing, and as Fitton states in his Weekly Update, “this coup was never just about Trump. They [the left] are trying to destroy every single one of our institutions.” Don’t forget to act. See you this Friday for the Judicial Watch weekly Update.