Tom Fitton Warns Dems Using Pandemic to Push Unsecure Vote-By-Mail ‘Free for All’

From BizPac:

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton warned of efforts by the left to steal elections by pushing a vote-by-mail “free for all” amid concerns over the coronavirus.

Fitton contended that fears in the wake of the global pandemic are leading to the left’s use of the virus as a “pretext” to increase absentee ballot voting, raising the alarm in a tweet posted Wednesday which included a video of his recent CPAC talk on voter fraud.

“URGENT: Leftists using pretext of the Coronavirus outbreak to push unsecure “vote by mail” free for all, no voter ID anywhere for 2020 elections. #HowtoStealAnElection” Fitton tweeted.

Voter fraud is a key “civil rights issue,” Fitton told attendees at the Conservative Political Action Conference, explaining the need to clean up voter rolls.

Fitton’s warning comes as Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez is pushing to expand vote-by-mail and absentee balloting amid the coronavirus outbreak.

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