High profile Democrats in hot water over political action committees

High profile Democrats in hot water over political action committees

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FACT has been busy with complaints and media, and I have several updates to share. The Montana ethics body acted on FACT’s complaint against gubernatorial candidate Mike Cooney, Rep. Lee of Nevada responded to FACT’s complaint in the media, and we filed a new complaint against U.S. Senate candidate John Hickenlooper and his campaign for coordinating with a super PAC.

The Montana Commissioner of Political Practices has acted on¬†FACT’s complaint against Lt. Gov., and current Gov. candidate, Mike Cooney¬†for using state resources for political purposes. The Commissioner found “Cooney improperly used state facilities, specifically the Lieutenant Governor’s Capitol office, to participate in a Democratic Governors Association conference call in support of his candidacy for public office in violation of” Montana law, and fined Cooney $1,000 for misuse of state resources.

Representative Lee has also been responding in the media to¬†FACT’s complaint¬†against her for lobbying federal agencies when she had a conflict of interest. She tried to justify it on the grounds that it is ok to do so “when the interests of your constituents coincides with your interests.” However, when you have a conflict of interest it prevents any official action,¬†regardless of whether some of¬†your constituents also have similar interests. ¬†

FACT has also filed a complaint against John Hickenlooper and his U.S. Senate campaign for coordinating with a super PAC.

In June, Hickenlooper‚Äôs campaign posted written materials to a website, which was not his campaign website but one apparently created with a distinct purpose to transmit information for an ad. Exactly as other candidates have done before, Hickenlooper used specific language as a¬†veiled advertising request¬†for an ad. Just twelve days later, Senate Majority PAC began running a television advertisement, republishing both Hickenlooper’s posted written material along with Hickenlooper’s b-roll video.

The facts here demonstrate there was coordination between Hickenlooper’s campaign and Senate Majority PAC. Additionally, a super PAC is NEVER allowed to republish campaign materials under any circumstances, including publicly available content found on the internet.

You can read the full complaint here.

The Washington Free Beacon¬†and¬†Fox News¬†covered FACT’s work.

I was also on Colorado radio discussing the complaint, which you can listen to on FACT’s YouTube page¬†here.

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Kendra Arnold
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