Is Senator Chuck Schumer responsible for the 8 murders? Rush Limbaugh Explains ->  Chuck Schumer Owns This Terrorist

So Trump accurately points at Chuck Schumer and everybody else who had anything to do with this cockamamie program. And there’s Schumer running around like he’s profoundly offended,

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Rush Limbaugh Explains -> Andy McCarthy on Why the Papadopoulos Plea Is Good News for Trump

Russians POOPED in the hallway! at

The media is slowly and reluctantly — not all of them — but slowly and reluctantly realizing that the indictment of Manafort doesn’t even get them close to where they want to be, and certainly it doesn’t get them close to where they thought they would be on Friday when it was leaked that there had been sealed indictments.

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Rush Limbaugh Explains -> The Scandal of Scandals: Clinton Campaign and DNC Paid for the Phony Trump Dossier

And then I got livid when I saw how little relative interest in it there was in the Drive-By Media last night. I turned on cable TV; I couldn’t find anything on it. So I came in here today and I’m watching the Drive-By Media on cable TV, and there’s scant mention of it here and scant there. But clearly to the denizens of the swamp, it isn’t that big a deal.

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Rush Limbaugh Explains -> President Trump Promised a Tax Cut for Everyone

rush limbaugh cut spending lower taxes at

Here are the stats. “Right now, the marginal tax rate for anyone who makes $418,000 or more per year is 39.6%.” “So 418K and above, 39.6%. Now, the Republican tax reform proposal lowers that to 35%. “The Republicans’ opening gambit

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Twitchy for Today, did you know Rush Limbaugh checks Twitchy before his radio show?

Twitchy for Today, did you know Rush Limbaugh checks Twitchy before his radio show? Video from 2012: What did Jimmy Kimmel know about Harvey Weinstein and when did he know it? Read Story Where y’all been? The Obamas FINALLY decide to speak out about Weinstein Read Story Death Of The Dollar: New World Currency to CRUSH USD Economists Warn: Your

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Rush Limbaugh Explains -> Drive-By Media Mantra: Pence Pulled a “Stunt”

And part of the Constitution is that he is going to defend — provide for the common defense and stand up and defense our nation. And as commander-in-chief, who better to lead our country and set the example of standing up for the flag, the men and women who fought for and continue to fight for our country and our flag than the national anthem. I can’t think of anybody else who’s more qualified and who’s more demanded to do that than Donald Trump and the vice president.

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Rush Limbaugh -> This Patriots Fan Isn’t Happy

But these guys are operating from the get-go on this story from a position of fear. And the fact that 75% of the players in the league are African-American and that’s who’s protesting, they feel compelled to side with their players. They want to win. Players feeling content, unified, happy, is all part of winning. And they think it’s necessary to go with the flow, and so what their players are into and could go, that’s what the owners are gonna be seen publicly as also being into because it’s unity in the clubhouse. It prevents chances for disruption and disunity, mutiny, what have you. This is really a tough time for them.

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